About Anate Studio

My name is Anatolii Koval, and I am a solo developer, although I go by the name Anate Studio. (I plan to lead a small game development studio sometime in the future.)

Since 2011, I have been creating 2D adventures, and during this time, I have created several games. They all have a common feature - a dramatic, deep social plot. Additionally, the plots of these games take place in the same universe and have one or several common characters. However, the player does not need to be familiar with all the games to understand each individual game. Each story is a self-contained adventure.

I am fully enthusiastic about development in my free time from my main job. I create everything, including game design, programming, and art, except for music.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by email at info@anatestudio.net. Stay tuned for updates on the development progress on facebook and twitter.

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